Pawn Your Gold, Don't Sell it!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to raise some cash, then pawning your gold jewellery or watches with unclesmoney could be the perfect solution. As you’ll no doubt have heard, prices for the gold are at all-time high. In fact, prices reached over $1,200 per ounce by December 2009, with records also being set for the value of gold in our very own pound sterling.

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The most important reason for this unprecedented rise in gold prices is investors’ appetites for safer assets. Investing in gold is being referred to by investors and financial know-it-alls as a ‘flight to safety’, as gold’s value is much more stable than other sources of investment such as currency. So, just as the men in suits are finding a safety net in gold, you too can benefit from these rising prices.

Now you know that gold is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, why would you want to pawn your gold jewellery or watches instead of simply selling them to raise some quick cash? Although selling your gold items right now would probably get you a nice bit of cash, the steadily increasing interest in gold means that prices are set to keep on rising. This means that in the long run, pawning your gold items makes more sense, as you’ll be getting the cash you need now, and keeping a valuable commodity which you can sell at an even better price later.

When pawning your gold items, look no further than unclesmoney. We’ve been a trusted, family-run pawnbrokers since 1982, so we know what we’re talking about! With unclesmoney, there are no credit checks, hidden charges, bailiffs or early redemption fees to complicate things, whilst our interest rates are easy to understand and often cheaper than other forms of loans.

Here at unclesmoney, we’ve made pawning your gold items with us online as quick and efficient as possible. From start to finish, the whole process can be completed in under forty-eight hours, and your loan will clear within two hours of being transferred into your account. As pawning your gold items online is much quicker than going to your local bank, unclesmoney is ideal for those times you need a quick and straightforward loan without the mounds of paperwork.

Of course, when sending us your valuable gold jewellery or watches, we understand you want them to be kept safe. That’s why you can choose between sending us your items by secure courier, or in one of our insured pre-paid envelopes. Plus, once we’ve received your items, they’ll be kept in our secure vaults, and will be returned to you by the same method you sent them. So, you can use unclesmoney safe in the knowledge that we’ll take just as good care of your gold as you do.

Well, now you know why pawning your gold with unclesmoney is such a good idea: we’re a well-trusted family business, our rates are incredibly reasonable, and the whole process is fast, safe and secure. Get started today!

Unsure about how to get started? See our easy-to-use guide on - Online pawn broking: How it works to find out all you need to know”¦

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