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You get the lowest rates with Uncles Pawnbrokers

For short-term money lending you will find our interest rates extremely attractive when compared to alternatives such as payday loans, unplanned overdrafts and other local high street pawnbrokers.

Our quotes are guaranteed and include all costs associated with your loan such as insurance, storage, and couriers.

Understanding our rates

Interest charged over the period of loan

% RateMonth 1Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Month 6APR

Please note for loans of over £2,000 our rates are negotiable!

There are no early redemption fees and if settle your loan early you pay less interest. It's as simple as that!

For example, if we loaned you £100 secured against a piece of jewellery and you decided to settle your loan at month 1, you would be charged interest of just £5.26. If you decided to settle your loan at the end of the 6 month loan period, you would pay back a total of £36 in interest.

No Credit Checks, No Hidden Charges, No Bailiffs, No Courts or CCJs........No Problem!

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No credit checks, 100% discreet, money in 24hours We give you our price promise 30 Years experience in Pawnbroking

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