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Pawn Your Antique Swords Online

It’s surprising what falls into your hands over time. You probably aren’t even aware what rare item worth a small fortune could be right under your roof. In need of a bit of extra cash? Pawning a rare antique might be worth your while! Antique swords are quite rare items, so just think of the benefits of pawning one. Pawn antique swords with Unclesmoney online, get yourself a short-term loan and get the sword back in the end!

Wondering what kind of antique swords you can pawn with Unclesmoney online, read on! Unfortunately, we won’t take every antique, but if you have something you think has a high value, we would be happy to valuate it for you! An antique swords value is often defined by its features: historic specification, structure and markings. Visit an Unclesmoney store or arrange for an official valuation via our contact us page!

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Pawn Your Antique Vases Online


 We only accept antique vases that fall above a certain valuation price. The most important thing to look for is the symbol of the manufacturer. Once you know that, you can research it to understand where, when and how the vase was first produced, giving you a better indication of its value before you send the antique to Unclesmoney for an official valuation when looking for a loan.

Pawn Your Antique Cameos Online

‘Antique cameo’ is a broader term than you might think. The word ‘cameo’ means ‘raised above’ referring to a raised relief carving in a variety of materials. Cameos have been around since the days of the ancient civilisations, so if you have an unusual cameo then you might have something very special, rare and unique in your possession. It makes excellent security against a short term loan with Unclesmoney!

Pawn Your Antique Amulets Online

From antique Indian amulets to antique Thai amulets, you may well be sitting on a small money pot! Think it has a high value? Why not bring it to any Unclesmoney store or fill out a loan application form to see how much Unclesmoney can loan against it for!

Pawn Your Antique Brooches Online

Antiques are usually defined as being over 100 years old. Any brooch from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian era can be considered antiques, so if you have something that's been passed down through your family, you might find yourself able to pawn it for some fast cash! Unclesmoney specialise in quick loans and the best part is you don’t need to sell your antique brooch by pawning it you get the antique back at the end of the loan!

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