Pawn Baume et Mercier Watches

Did you know we loan against Baume et Mercier Watches?

In fact, we guarantee short term loans using Baume et Mercier watches as security!

Baume et Mercier produce some of the most stylish watches on the market today by successfully combining the finest in watch making traditions with contemporary designs.

One of the company's most successful watches was the Riviera, which they launched in 1973. It was a sports watch with a distinctive gold and steel feature and an unusual 12 sided bezel.

The watch had to go through rigorous testing in its durability and precision when it was developed. In fact Baume et Mercier will boast that they mounted the watch on the wheel of a BMW M1 before the start of a Le Mans 24-hour race. It amazingly withstood high speeds, intense pressure, heavy rain and the heat created from the brakes. In fact, at the end of the race the watch ran just as accurately as it did at the beginning!

In September 2004 Baume et Mercier opened a new factory in Les Brenets, Switzerland and since then has enhanced its reputation as a manufacturer of sporty, stylish and fashionable watches for men and women looking for a timepiece of distinction. They use only stainless steel, 18ct gold bracelets and genuine alligator straps in their watches.

The company was founded in 1830 and is currently owned by Richemont, with Cartier and Piaget making up the core group of owners.

Around 200,000 watches are produced and sold across the world each year with a majority of watches being sold in Italy, Spain and France. In 2009 the Ernest Jones chain launched a collection of Baume et Mercier watches in its stores, giving the public the chance to buy this high end timepiece from the high street for the very first time.

Because Baume et Mercier watches are now more accessible, we at Uncles, have already seen an increase in the number of people keen to have their loan secured against one.

With low interest rates pawning you Baume et Mercier could be the easiest way of loaning money today.

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