Pawn Breitling Watches

Did you know we loan against Breitling Watches?

In fact, we guarantee short term loans using Breitling watches as security!

Breitling produces Certified Chronometers designed primarily for aviation use, although these days they are most frequently worn as a high end luxury watch. Typically, however they still offer a variety of aviation functions, although these days they tend to be more a symbol of fashion rather than for practical uses.

Breitling watches typically have a very distinctive masculine look about them with typical aviation features. They have large faces to provide improved visibility and to allow more information to be displayed such as with the Breitling for Bentley Motors edition which has a 48 mm wide case. Additionally, most models have an automatic winding mechanism that is purely mechanical and they also tend to be equipped with additional functions such as flyback, split-second, moon phase and date display.

Breitling watches are manufactured in Switzerland and are made from Swiss components. Quartz models such as the Breitling Aeromarine Colt start at £2,055.00 with a rubber strap, while typical prices of mechanical, steel cased models go up to $7,300 as with the Breitling for Bentley Motors model. The expense is due to the exclusivity of the Bentley trademark, as well as the 38 jewel self-winding movement as these steel cased models are more expensive than some of Breitling's Titanium or Gold models.

Some special edition models also include diamonds such as with the I.E. Diamond Bezeland Diamond Bracelet.

Breitling sponsored the Bentley Team during their Le Mans 24 Hours campaign, running from 2001-2003 and to commemorate this event created the Limited Edition Breitling Bentley 24 LeMans Watch, a much sought after and popular model. This special edition watch comes in 18 carat yellow gold and is water resistant up to 100m. There were only ever a small number of them ever produced and they are so rare that a second hand one could be worth several thousand pounds.

Breitlings are a pawnbroker’s delight and we’d be happy to give you an instant guaranteed short term loan against one today.

Pawning a Breitling watch is a very easy way of loaning money and a very popular pledge. Due to their high value they also carry a very low interest rate!

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