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With Unclesmoney online, you can pawn an incredibly wide range of jewellery items. Many of our customers choose to pawn jewellery with us. As well as offering a great online pawnbroking service, we also have thirty years of experience in traditional pawnbroking, meaning we have a great deal of expertise in valuing jewellery. We can offer you a great low rate loan of up to 80% of the jewellery’s value when you pawn with us. Get an Uncles online valuation now!


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Pawning Jewellery For Cash

If you are in need of a quick, straightforward loan, pawning gold jewellery could be a great solution. Unclesmoney online pawnbrokers loan more per gram of gold than any other online pawnbroker and guarantee to beat any genuine like-for-like quote. We also offer pawnbroker loans against silver and platinum jewellery, and you can pawn any item of jewellery, such as anklets, bracelets, earrings, sets, bangles, pendants and lockets. Pawning your jewellery with Uncles online or in store is very easy! We pawn all types of jewellery including Asian Jewllery. How high the valuation you receive on your jewellery will depend on how many carats the item has, most items normally range from between 9ct to 24ct. The higher the carats the jewellery has the more valuable it will be when you pawn it. We, here at Unclesmoney do not accept any types of fakes, every item will be tested by our experts and a valuation will be given to you if it is authentic. British hallmarks are normally a good representation of authenticity for jewellery and can be found on most real, genuine jewellery pieces. The hallmarks are definately something we look for when accepting a jewellery pawn at Unclesmoney pawnbrokers. We do accept damaged jewellery however, so come and pawn with us today. Click on the links below to pawn any specific type of jewellery with Unclesmoney. Pawning your jewellery with Unclesmoney online gives you more freedom than other forms of loans, as you can repay the loan at any point within the agreed loan period, without the fear of hidden or early repayment charges. So, get online, use our Loan Estimator and pawn your jewellery with UK's first online pawnbrokers, Unclesmoney today!

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