Pawn Longines Watches

Did you know we loan against Longines watches?

Pawn longines watch

In fact, we guarantee short term loans using Longines watches as security!

A reputed Swiss watchmaker since 1832 largely attributed with being in the vanguard of manufacturing fine pieces on a production basis. Longines is also strongly associated with measurement of precise time in sport. Indeed as early as 1912 they developed a method of photo finish linked with time.

The list of world class sporting events that associate themselves with Longines is extensive. In the UK, Royal Ascot is just one of these events. Longines went on to develop aviator watches and cockpit instruments. Its strong connection with early aviation provided first-class flight instruments for airplanes from the 1920s onward. It was Longines who timed the 1927 transatlantic crossing of Charles Lindbergh in the 'Spirit of St Louis'. A brand new Longines is available from below £1,000. It offers great value on the “Prestige Gold” range with prices up to £3,000.

From a pawn brokers point of view these are great watches to lend money against. Get your quote today!

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