Pawn Zenith Watches

Did you know we loan against Zenith Watches?

In fact, we guarantee short term loans using Zenith watches as security!

Zenith means the highest point. Whilst undoubtedly in the top draw of Swiss made watches it excels as one of the few Swiss manufactures that actually make their own movements. Some Rolex watches even use Zenith movements in them. They have a strong, long reputation for accuracy and value.

With a Zenith you can expect +2 to +4 seconds of accuracy a day. A Zenith in fact is a surprisingly inexpensive watch for a buy in of about £5,000, however be prepared to part with up to £150,000 for some models. You can expect to buy a used Zenith from around £2,000.

You can’t actually buy one in the USA as there is a copyright issue with Zenith electronics who are more well known for making TV’s and other electrical consumables.

The Zenith is a fantastic watch and perhaps the best value around in the top league of Swiss watches. Uncles will happily offer you a loan against a Zenith watch. With our keen pawnbroker’s eye we will be looking out for the quality of the finish to make sure that you get the best price possible when pawning your Zenith watch.

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