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There’s a good reason Liverpool got to hold the title of European Capital of Culture in 2008. Sporting a vast musical heritage (with likes of the Beatles, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and The Zutons), steeped in history and offering an astonishing array of stunning architecture, Liverpool is one of the UK’s most popular and most visited cities. With an abundance of stylish shops, unique and fashionable bars and restaurants and a vast array of elegant hotels, Liverpool is an excellent city to visit whether you’re searching for a modern, lively and youthful atmosphere or whether you want to broaden your horizons and explore the culture and heritage of one of the oldest cities in the country.

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Pawnbrokers Liverpool

As a city that’s been thrust into the limelight, Liverpool is also a notorious and popular site for new, innovative businesses. Pawn shops might not sound like they’re part of that glittering hub, but pawnbroking has quickly become a popular business avenue with modern and friendly pawnbrokers springing up all over. Anyone looking to pawn valuables for some fast cash can go straight to Unclesmoney online, the UK’s most popular online pawn shop. With low interest rates, an efficient service and friendly staff, you can’t go wrong with Uncles.

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