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London; one of the world’s most famous cities, offers a seamless combination of chic, creative industries forming a web of diverse and successful businesses. Unfortunately, History has told a few tall tales. London pawnbroking might sound Dickensian, conjuring the dark and dingy image of torrid backstreets and hunching, money-grabbing geezers, but now we’ve arrived in the 21st Century, pawnbroking has an entirely different aesthetic. Dickens has a lot to answer for; England’s most esteemed Victorian novelist is almost entirely to blame for the grotty and grotesque visage of the city London pawnbroker, an image that has stayed with most of us for many a year.

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The Alternative to Pawn Shops in London

Uncles the Original Pawnbrokers can change all that! Sitting comfortably on a busy high street, Unclesmoney’ London pawn shop and headquarters doesn’t wither in the shade and shy from sunlight. With a wide window and a friendly face to greet every customer, Uncles is worlds away from the untrustworthy wretches of Dickens’s days. Even better than that, Uncles the Original Pawnbrokers can now be found online, so getting a loan couldn’t be easier. Everything is easier when you can do it from the comfort of your own home, so if you get online today, you could find yourself with a fast, short term loan from Unclesmoney in as few as 48 hours. They specialise in loans secured against valuable items like jewellery, watches, antiques, coins and bullion so if you are in need of some cash fast, Unclesmoney can help!

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