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Price Promise Terms & Conditions

  1. Unclesmoney Price Promise guarantee applies to loans that have been contractually accepted.

  2. Clients have 10 working days in which to provide Unclesmoney with genuine evidence of a higher loan offer.

  3. Any evidence of a higher offer from any of our competitors should be against the same item as contractually loaned against.

  4. All items must have been physically inspected and valued by the competitor who's documentation you're using as supporting evidence with your price promise guarantee. Unclesmoney will not honour this guarantee if supporting documentation is an estimated valuation from a per physical valuation phase of your loan application.

  5. Supporting documentation can be provided by post, fax or email, but any proof must be received by Unclesmoney within 10 working days days of the contract acceptance date.

  6. Proof must be provided on headed paper from a recognised lender holding an active consumer credit license, and be current members of the National Pawnbrokers Association.

  7. Competitors loan duration must have been for a minimum of 6 months.

  8. We may contact the other lender to confirm the items inspection and valuation.

  9. Unclesmoney's decision on adequate proof and/or supporting evidence is final.

  10. Once Unclesmoney is satisfied with the proof of offer provided, Unclesmoney will either:

    1. Cancel the existing contract and return the items with no interest charge once the loan amount is repaid, or

    2. Re-issue a new contract for a higher loan amount and fund the loan balance to the customer.

  11. It is entirely at Unclesmoney discretion as to whether the contract is cancelled or re-issued at a higher loan amount.

  12. If Unclesmoney decides to re-issue a new contract for a higher loan amount, the new contract must be accepted prior to the loan balance being paid and the original contract cancelled.

  13. Unclesmoney will confirm by email once the old contract is cancelled and the loan balance payment has been made.

  14. This guarantee only applies to loans and not to items purchased.

  15. Any loan offer provided must have been carried out within a 3 month period prior to the contract acceptance date.

  16. Unclesmoney reserves the right to take any market price fluctuations into account when assessing the current value of your item.

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