The Unclesmoney Family

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We loan against watches, jewellery, diamonds and precious metals and we’ve been doing so for 30 years!

The Unclesmoney Team

Unclesmoney is an online pawnbroker with a difference.
Who is responsible for making Unclesmoney Pawnbrokers so successful?

Gerald Pountney

The Don, the man with the money, the head honcho of the Unclesmoney operation. Gerald Snr is responsible for the humble beginnings of Unclesmoney the Original Pawnbrokers and has earned himself quite the reputation about town. A firm and reliable pillar of the community, Gerry’s is the name everybody knows! Head of a successful, family-run business, Gerry has seen not only Unclesmoney the Original Pawnbrokers grow and flourish, but has seen Unclesmoney become the U.K’s very first genuine online pawnbroker!

Karl Pountney

As second in command, Karl is the go-to-guy in the business, the man with a wealth of knowledge and experience that keeps growing and growing. With over a decade spent immersed in the pawnbroking industry, Karl has learnt nearly everything there is to know about jewellery, watches, gold and more! A little on the bossy side, Karl is a genuine character with a heart of gold. He has a fantastic rapport with his customers, will do whatever he can to help them out when they’re in a pinch and is keen to get to grips with the online aspect of the business as it grows.

Gerald Manton

The man with a plan. Gerald Jnr is responsible for orchestrating Unclesmoney the Original Pawnbroker’s jump to trading online! Gez is ambitious and a little bit eccentric, the master of innovation within the Unclesmoney team. Most interested in the stranger and more uncommon items that fall into the hands of the Unclesmoney team, Gez loves to learn about their history and the lives they’ve passed through. Ask him anything about them and he’ll be able to tell you where, when and how much and maybe even who by! Gez predominantly concentrates on consistently improving Unclesmoney online and always has creative and original ideas up his sleeve to do just that.

Sammy Westmoreland

Sammy is the baby of the Unclesmoney family and gets away with anything and everything, but just like Karl, she’s got an impressive knowledge of the industry after only a few years working for Unclesmoney. Taking her lead from big brother Karl, Sammy shares his customer rapport and knows many of them well enough to call them friends. She also plays an integral part in the running of Unclesmoney online, liaising with customers, negotiating loans and assisting Karl in the day-to-day management of the business – when she’s not too busy on Facebook, of course!

Sarah Jayne-Cormell

Sarah Jayne is the eldest daughter of the family and works alongside Gez to push Unclesmoney online to be even more successful. With a unique talent for sales, Sarah Jayne has years of experience liaising with customers and negotiating deals and is remembered by anyone she meets. Her gift of the gab is what makes her so well-liked, not to mention her enormous heart and limitless kindness!

Mavis Grocott

Sweet little Mavis is the mother figure of the Unclesmoney team! Mavis works alongside Sammy in the flagship store and from time-to-time works with Lester in Northfield. She’s also mum to big boss Karl – so she’s the only one who gets to boss him around instead. Though she doesn’t pull her punches, Mavis is one of the calmer members of the team, making her a perfect addition to sales. Experienced and understanding, Mavis is an absolute hit with our customers and is a valued member of Unclesmoney.

Simon Rider

Known as the company joker and king of one-liners, Simon manages the third Unclesmoney store. Always greeting customers with a smile and a joke, Simon is well-known in the community as friendly, genuine and reliable. Just like the rest of the team, Simon is a highly experienced valuator and offers our customers the best possible service.

Lester Sewell

Lester’s isn’t a face you expect to see when you walk into Unclesmoney Northfield store, but he’s as friendly and approachable as any of the Unclesmoney team. With nearly two decades of experience, Lester found his way to the family via Gerry, who recognised his fantastic sales skills and knew from the start he would make an integral member of the Unclesmoney staff. Lester is responsible for building lasting relationships with his customers and the local community, which explains why his customers are always happy to come back time and again.

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